Public Records Requests

South Sound 911 holds only certain records for its partner law enforcement agencies.
Please reference the chart below for the types of records available. Columns marked with an "X" indicate records that may be obtained through South Sound 911. If a particular column is blank, instructions are provided. 
Records Portal
 Agency Police / Incident
Vehicle Accident
(typed 911 log)
911 Audio
(available up to 90 days
from date of incident) 
 Bonney Lake Police Contact Bonney Lake PD for reports  X X
 Buckley Police Email Buckley PD for reports X3 X
 DuPont Police X X X X
 Eatonville Police1
 Edgewood Police X X X X
 Fife Police Email Fife PD for reports X3 X
 Fircrest Police Email Fircrest PD for reports X X
 Gig Harbor Police Email Gig Harbor PD for reports  X X
 Lakewood Police X X X X
 Milton Police
X2  X2 X3 X
 Orting Police Email Orting PD for reports X3 X
 Pierce County Sheriff X X X X
 Puyallup Police Contact Puyallup Police Records for reports X X
 Roy Police X X X X
 Ruston Police X X X X
 Steilacoom Public Safety Email Steilacoom PS for reports X X
 Sumner Police Contact Sumner PD for reports X X
 Tacoma Police X X X X
 University Place Police X X X X
* A Vehicle Accident Report will also be contained in a Police/Incident Report.
1 Reports, logs and audio from 11/3/14 onward.
2 Reports from 6/1/16 onward.
3 CAD Logs from 10/28/15 onward. Older CAD records should be requested from the Fife Police Department.
Other Records
South Sound 911 does not hold law enforcement investigative files, photos or fire department records. Those records are held by the originating agency and requestors should contact the agency directly. For a list of partner agency websites, see our Links & Resources page.

Other types of records and where they may be found:
  • South Sound 911 administrative records - Online Archive
  • Court Records - Use the State of Washington Courts records request page to identify what type of record you seek or use the Washington State Court Directory to locate the appropriate court.
  • Criminal History or Background Check - Criminal history records may be obtained for non-criminal justice purposes, but is limited to conviction information only. Contact the Washington State Patrol.
Requesting Records
South Sound 911 uses a Records Request Portal to make the request process more efficient and transparent. The information below will provide you with a helpful understanding of the public records disclosure process.
  • South Sound 911 responds to requests for public records in accordance with the Public Records Act, RCW 42.56.
  • Public Records Act exemptions can be found here and here.
  • Most requests must be reviewed by the originating agency.
To get started with your request, access the Records Request Portal and create an account to submit a request online. (For quicker access to the portal in the future, click the round Records Portal button at the top of this page.)

If you would prefer to submit a request via mail, please send to:

Records Custodian
South Sound 911
955 Tacoma Ave. S., Ste. 202
Tacoma, WA 98402

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